Vehicle Service Intervals for Electric Vehicles

Your vehicle should generally be serviced on an as-needed basis although EVs don’t need service like regular combustion vehicles (Diesel or Gas). They are like an iPhone on wheels and need charging only. Of course, you have wear and tear on Tires and Brakes which can be serviced at any automotive shop or you can make an appointment with EV Salvador and will check up on your vehicle.

However, EV Salvador recommends the following maintenance items and intervals, as applicable to your vehicle, to ensure continued reliability and efficiency of your electric vehicle.


liquid state

Brake fluid health check every 2 years (replace if necessary) or, if the vehicle is used for towing, replace the brake fluid every 2 years.


A/C desiccant bag replacement every 4 years.

Cabin air filter

Replacement every 2 years (or 3 years for HEPA and carbon filters, if equipped).


Filter replacement every 3 years

Rotate tires

Every 6,250 miles (10,000 km) or if tread depth difference is 2/32 in (1.5 mm) or greater, whichever comes first.


Most of our EV models come with an 8 year or 100,000 miles battery warranty from the factory.


For call service how to maintain your EV please call our service team at 7040-2200.